. Customizable Cleaning Packages based on customer needs
. Quick response times via phone and email
. Cleaning Crew is professional, reliable, and always on time for appointments
. Convenient payment options
. Prices based on job complete - not by hour
. Best customer service - Available 24/7
. Satisfaction is Guaranteed !

. Cleaning with Davis, LLC offers professional janitorial services and commercial cleaning services

. throughout Oregon, Washington & surrounding areas. 

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Cleaning with Davis, LLC  maintains commercial buildings throughout Oregon, Washington & surrounding areas.  We offer professional janitorial services and commercial cleaning services to general commercial facilities, day care facilities, restaurants, office buildings, medical centers, financial facilities,  schools, and many more.  We provide janitorial services at any time during the day or night.  You can contact us at any time, we serve our clients 24/7.  Our clients receive a personalized touch by our janitorial professional cleaning team on a daily basis.  

All of our employees are professionally trained on how to give your office a healthier and clean environment.  Our staff is educated with all of our cleaning service products and equipment.  They know which cleaning products and equipment to use, which chemicals to use , and the correct safety cleaning service procedures on how to use them.  

 Cleaning with Davis, LLC  guarantees that you will receive top notch customer service, support, and fantastic janitorial service results.  You will not be disappointed with choosing us!  Low and affordable commercial cleaning service prices are guaranteed with us!  We treat our clients as if they are our family!

Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Service Contracts

Commercial & Janitorial Cleaning Services 

Commercial and Janitorial Cleaning Service Checklist

We provide cleaning services and janitorial service to the below list of facilities, this list is not limited. We clean all commercial facilities throughout Oregon, Washington & surronding areas below are some examples:

.  Small Business Offices                                                                                                
.  Large Business Offices
.  Hospitals
.  Day Care
.  Government Facilities
.  Manufacturing Facilities /Warehouses

.  Churches
.  Restaurants
.  Retails Stores
.  Schools
.  Dental Offices
.  Department Stores
.  Construction Clean-up

.  Universities
.  Nursing Homes
.  Banks
.  Auto Dealerships
.  And many more facilities...

​​Every company wants to maintain a professional work environment and atmosphere.  Your office and workplace represents your company to your employees and your clients.  Hiring our janitorial services will give your company a healthier atmosphere in the office and a professional cleaning staff that will take care of your office and work environment at day or night hours.   

Each time a cleaning is complete - our Manager will inspect the building area and make sure everything is complete to your satisfaction.  If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us, and we will make sure the cleaning is complete to your fullest satisfaction at no extra cost.

Our contracts are detailed to the needs of our customers.  We offer a wide variety of cleaning packages to satisfy all of our current and future customers.  Cleaning with Davis, LLC provides one-time cleaning, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and custom packages.  The custom cleaning packages are Custom made by our customers and their cleaning needs and specialty cleaning goals.  Cleaning terms of payment are made, and the customer can choose to pay by check, credit card, or cash.  Before the contract is signed, we make sure that all of your expectations are met.  Lower Prices and 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed at Cleaning with Davis, LLC.

​​​Cleaning with Davis, LLC

No matter what your cleaning requirements may be, we are here to provide you the highest quality cleaning and janitorial services in the Oregon, Washington & surrounding areas....

Cleaning Standards

Our Janitorial Services cleaning service packages include, but are not limited to the below list.
We are here to service each client based on their cleaning needs and requirements:

.  Vacuuming Carpeted Areas
.  Sweeping
.  Mopping
.  Clean Building Entry
.  Emptying Trash
.  Clean Reception Areas
.  Clean Hallways [Janitorial Services]
.  Clean and disinfect Kitchen
.  Clean Stairways
.  Dusting
.  Polishing Mirrors and Pictures/Frames
.  Clean Chairs/Desks
.  Disinfect and Sanitize Restrooms
.  Lobby and Lunch Room Cleaning
.  Deep Cleaning for each room
...Other cleaning areas per customer requirement and needs

For Office Cleaning Services in Oregon, Washington & surrounding areas, please read our office cleaning service page for a more detailed listing of Commercial Office Cleaning Service Packages.


Cleaning with Davis, LLC

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Serving Oregon, Washington & Surrounding areas       Call Us at (541)720-7564   Email: www.cleaningwithdavis.com

We clean it! : Office Areas, Work Areas, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Stairways, Elevators, Lounge, Hallways, Backroom, Warehouse, Reception and Lobby Areas, and any other areas in your facility.   This list is not limited.

During each Free Estimate cleaning appointment, the Owner or a Manager will meet with our clients or future customers giving them a full picture of our cleaning business.  We will identify all of your cleaning needs, and we will compile together important cleaning goals.  A cleaning checklist will be completed to your needs and satisfaction.  Both our client  and the assigned cleaning team will receive a copy of the cleaning requirements.  Our office cleaning team will service the needs of the checklist our client has requested.